San Benedetto Festival Arma di Taggia

Arma di Taggia

In the 1625, Western Liguria was involved in Thirty-year War?s fierce stories. The Dukedom of Savoia and the Republic of Genova were fighting each other . Therefore, Western Liguria became an open battle field. Taggia was a florid countryside town, whose proximity to sea allowed an important and conclusive strategy, due to its small military defence, seemed to be ineluctable condemned to succumb to massive enemy army. In to order face that overwhelming menace, on the 26th of April, the Town Parliament of Taggia decided to pray for holy help. They vowed to Saint Benedetto, Bishop of Albenga, in order to deliver the town from the conflict. The vow involved devoting to the Saint a Thank-celebration, on the second and last Sunday of February, every year.

Saturday, 23th February 2008:

  • 10am Medieval Local Market.
  • 3.30pm Evocation of the Great Battle
  • 9.30pm Dancing, Singing and Bonfire.


    Sunday, 24th February 2008:

  • 10am-2pm Evocations.
  • 2.30-4.30pm Group guest show.
  • 4pm Historical Procession.
  • 5.30pm Final - Awarding.


Town of Taggia

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